How to contribute to Marian

Reporting a bug/asking questions

Did you find a bug or want to ask a question? Great!

  • Ensure the bug was not already reported or the question was not asked on the github issues or the Google discussion group.

  • Open a new issue/question if you’re unable to find yours.

  • For bugs please provide as much relevant information as possible, and do not forget to attach training/decoding logs and your Marian command.

You are also welcome to request a new feature. Especially if you plan to help us adding it :)

Submitting changes

Whenever possible, please send a Github Pull Request with a clear list of what you’ve done. Feel free to update file. We will love you forever if you provide unit or regression tests.

Please follow our coding convention (below) and do not forget to test your changes by running unit tests:

cd marian-dev/build
make test

and regression tests:

cd marian-dev/regression-tests
make install

Coding conventions

Main code style rules:

  • no tabs, 2 whitespaces instead

  • lines no longer than 100 characters

  • no trailing whitespaces

  • no space between control statements and opening brackets

  • UpperCamelCase for class names

  • camelCaseWithTrailingUnderscore_ for class variables

  • camelCase for variables, methods and functions


You may also use ClangFormat and the .clang-format file provided in the root directory to help you with code formatting.