Class Parameters

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class Parameters

Subclassed by marian::MappedParameters

Public Functions

Parameters(Type acceptedType)
virtual ~Parameters()
auto begin()
auto end()
auto getMap()
Expr get(const std::string &name)
size_t size()
void add(Expr p, const std::string &name)
virtual void init(Ptr<Backend> backend)
virtual void init(Ptr<Backend> backend, Ptr<Device> device)
virtual void allocateForward()
virtual void allocateBackward()
virtual void set_zero_adjoint()
virtual Tensor vals()
virtual Tensor grads()
virtual void clear()

Protected Functions

size_t totalCapacity(Ptr<TensorAllocator> alloc)

Protected Attributes

Type acceptedElementType_
std::vector<Expr> params_

List of all parameter nodes of this expression graph.

std::map<std::string, Expr> named_
Ptr<TensorAllocator> vals_
Ptr<TensorAllocator> grads_