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Last updated: 21 February 2022



Training with Marian

The training with Marian guide is an overview aimed at new practitioners to machine translation. It covers the model training pipeline in general, and provides a foundation from which to better comprehend the other examples and tutorials presented here.

MT Marathon 2019 Efficiency

The Machine Translation Marathon 2019 Tutorial shows how to do efficient neural machine translation using the Marian toolkit by optimizing the speed, accuracy and use of resources for training and decoding of NMT models.

MT Marathon 2018 Intro

The Machine Translation Marathon 2018 Labs is a Marian tutorial that covers topics like downloading and compiling Marian, translating with a pretrained model, preparing training data and training a basic NMT model, and contains list of exercises introducing different features and model architectures available in Marian.

MT Marathon 2017 Tutorial

  • Part 1: First steps with Marian: Downloading and compiling Marian. Translation with a pretrained model. Preparing a parallel corpus for training. Training a shallow encoder-decoder model with attention.
  • Part 2: Complex models: Here we take a look at more complex models, for instance deeper models or multi-encoder models.
  • Part 3: Coding tutorial: Code a custom model, here a simple Sutskever-style model without attention.

Use cases